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Health and Beauty

Be the best possible version of yourself inside and out!

However you define health and beauty, they are connected to each other and to every other aspect of yourself: your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships, your spirituality, your habits, your knowledge, your space, your possessions, your work, and your beliefs.

How does a Certified Spiritual, Life and Energetic Coach help you in the realms of health and beauty?

If you are ready to tap into your true health and beauty read more below!


The word "health" refers to an overall state of well-being, of optimal emotional and physical well-being and is a resource for living a full life. It is not only the absence of disease, but having resilience or the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.

Mental and physical health are the two most commonly discussed types of health. There is also "spiritual health," "emotional health," and "financial health," among others. And they are all linked to each other. It is important to approach "health" as a whole, rather than its different types.

The following factors impact our health:

  • where a person lives
  • the state of the surrounding environment
  • genetics
  • income
  • education level
  • relationships with friends and family
  • culture
  • how a person manages stress
  • access to healthcare
  • a balanced, nutritious diet, sourced as naturally as possible
  • exercise
  • activities that provide purpose and connection to others
  • a positive outlook and appreciating what you have
  • having a value system and putting it into action

So health is a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual's potential. It is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being. This state of enhanced well-being is referred to as wellness. Wellness promotes an active awareness of and participation in health. Maintaining wellness and optimal health is a lifelong, daily commitment.

As a Certified Spiritual, Life and Energetic Coach I assist and support you in identifying and maintaining your awareness of and your participation in your well-being and wellness!


Our inner beauty reflects out outer beauty. I believe that beauty is the expression of one’s soul in the light.

I am not referring to momentary, illusory or artificial beauty, or to anything that would lead someone to conform to unhealthy habits. If you google “beauty” you will mostly find information about make up, body enhancement and anti aging products and procedures, and the latest trends for clothes, hair and nails. Of course we all want to look good and that is healthy aspect of our self confidence and self respect. However, in my practice I focus on what beauty means to me and what I feel is natural and real beauty.

Natural and real beauty is about making conscious decisions and healthy choices. If you live well, your body will radiate with natural beauty. Beauty is based on a healthy mind, body and spirit connection. Real beauty has no age, color, shape, and does not require following any trend. 

Beauty means something different to each person and means many things to each person. This makes sense since we humans process our concept of beauty from multiple perspectives including evolutionary, historical, cultural, educational, cognitive, (neuro)biological, individual, personality, emotional and situational. It is complicated. So getting down to basics and keeping it simple, in a few words I see that beauty is diversity. We are all unique and our exterior is a shell that allows us to radiate our experiences, memories and accomplishments. 

I have struggled with abuse, illness, introversion, ignorance and low self-esteem and found that limiting beliefs, negative self talk, anxiety and stress have an enormous impact on self image. I have also found that lasting transformation can occur when we cultivate love, acceptance, patience, and kindness in one’s relationship with oneself. Inner work does change how we feel about our outer container. Inner work also helps us make better decisions and healthier choices about what we put in and on our bodies.

As a Certified Spiritual, Life and Energetic Coach I work with you to maximize your expression of your inner and outer beauty!